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We developed the G.P.S. (Guided Planning System) with one goal in mind: to assist our clients in developing a complete, financial plan, a plan that takes all of today’s retirement concerns in to consideration. You deserve a plan that meets our expectations. The Financial G.P.S. can help you get there!

What areas can the G.P.S. (Guided Planning System) help me with?

Determining the proper invest risk/safe ratio
Having too much risk in your retirement portfolio could be devastating to your financial future. The proper safe/risk ratio often depends on multiple factors that the common investor does not consider. Our investment risk review analyzes your current portfolio’s risk level and helps you determine if you need to make any adjustments.

Developing inflation adjusted income for life
Our financial planning team specializes in developing custom plans for our clients that guarantee they will never run out of money as long as they live. We are able to create an income plan that considers future inflation, longer life expectancies and eliminates the fear of running out of money before you die.

Creating a complete investment plan
Having a complete investment plan is more than owning certain stocks and mutual funds or other financial products. Your investments should coincide with one another and work together to decrease your fees, stabilize your retirement income and protect your hard-earned money. We strive to make sure every client at MFM has a complete investment plan that achieves their financial objectives in retirement, one that is affordable and reliable.

Protecting you estate & your legacy
All too often, the right investment plan and retirements portfolio falls by the wayside because of improper estate and legal documents. It is not enough to simply invest your money properly. If you want to leave your legacy to your loved ones, you must have your legal documents properly prepared. Clients of MFM will receive their custom estate plan in order to avoid probate and unnecessary taxes.

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